Wednesday, August 20, 2008

I'm not good at writing titles. I should quit.

Holy crap...I have written this post a bazillion times and erased it just as many times. I am having one of those days where I want to quit everything because I'm no good at anything so what's the use?

I go through this a lot. I start things that I want to do, like blogging, college, weight training, painting...and then I quit halfway through because I realize I won't ever be the best at it. I mean, why do something if someone else is going to do it better, right? Right. Yeesh...what an attitude to have.

There was a woman at the gym today who had amazing legs. I want her legs. I won't ever have her legs. I'm going to quit working out.

I read a blog post today that made me laugh out loud. I want to write like that. I can't write like that. I'm going to quit blogging.

I read about some new research in paleontology. I want to do research. I'll never finish school. I should quit school.

I'm not actually serious about quitting anything...I'm just sayin' that that's how I feel about everything.

Anyway...the original post wasn't even about quitting stuff; it was about how AJ has a big fat resentment towards me and how that scares me and it was also a big defense of myself and an explanation of how I'm the most understanding person on the planet, which I'm NOT (because someone else is more understanding than I am - I should quit being understanding).

And then I decided that I don't want to write about personal stuff between me and AJ because, even if he never sees this blog, it's our stuff. So I decided to post a picture of a liger, because apparently, they aren't just something Napoleon Dynamite created.

Photo by Bill Dow, feature in National Geographic


Badass Geek said...

I know exactly how you feel. I want to be so much better at the things that I am good at, but I know that there will always be someone better. Just keep on keepin' on, as the song says. You'll get there.

for a different kind of girl said...

The desire to be so much better at things I attempt to conquer? Story of my life. Some things I'm willing to invest in the long haul, but the majority of things I demand instant gratification from, and when it doesn't happen (as it shouldn't, really, based on some of the things), I lose interest or can't see myself getting over a hump. The goal, I suppose, is weeding out the good versus the bad and really nurturing the things you love the most.

What's good about a blog is the liberty to do whatever you want, including setting the tone for what you wish to write. If you keep writing, I'll definitely keep coming around!

*Becky* said...

I know what you are saying about writing about your relationship or not writing about it. Tough call, done both. Want to write about mine but I'm not either. In the midst of crap a bunch of it. Up to my ears actually. Oh well, this too shall pass. After the storm there is always a rainbow.

I feel you today dear one, I feel you.