Sunday, August 31, 2008

Look what I found!

It's a bat! A really sick one, at that. It was outside the entrance to my gym. Thinking I'd be helpful in case, y'know, the bat was rabid or just needed to be put down, I told the people at the front desk about it.

"Oh! He's still there, huh? He was there yesterday, too!" was the response I got.

Um, yeah, he's still there...dying of fright or white nose disease or rabies.
By the time I got done pumping iron and doing one pullup(!) they had done something with the poor little critter. I hope he's either free and healthy or out of his misery.


HeatherPride said...

Hi! New to your site today - was online looking for new stuff to read and found your comment on bloggess, so I thought I'd drop by! I love your Hooters post below. That place is kind of creeptastic. Also, did someone say fair? Because I do love 'em. Can't say I ever tried a pork boner though....

Michael said...

Great picture of the bat! And you are right - a bat, visible at daytime instead of tucked away with the rest of the colony, is probably not well. Hope nobody touched it! Check out my site on bats -

for a different kind of girl said...

Good lord, I hope one of those who finally addressed the situation didn't touch it!

In other news, yeah for the pull up!