Monday, August 18, 2008

On Baldness...

I'm not talking male pattern baldness here. I'm talking about head-shaving.

Six years ago, while I watched my dorm mate Ryan shave my other dorm mate Tyler's head, I decided that I, too, wanted to sport a 1/4'' 'do. Nobody would do it for me, not even the guys, so I did it myself. I took Ryan's clippers into the bathroom and ran those suckers over my lumpy skull until all of my hair was heaped in the sink. All of that thick, brown, frizzy hair.

It was SO liberating...for like, ten minutes.

And then I realized that I looked like a tiny starving poor child, with my pale freckly skin and bald head. Some people tried to tell me I looked like Sinead O'Connor...and I that we both had shaved heads. The similarities ended there.

I don't know why I'm writing about this. Maybe it's because I've been obsessed with getting a haircut lately. It could be because after really crappy stuff happens, like cats dying or breakups, I always want to chop off my hair.

Whatever it is, I'm curious...would you ever shave your head?

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for a different kind of girl said...

I so desperately need a haircut, and I tied my hair back and thought about it, but I think my head is so oddly shaped and round that I'd cry as soon as it happened. My husband accidently had his head shaved once while getting it cut and I swear to God, I couldn't bear to look at him for a month. I'm serious!