Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Stupid Hair

Some good news: EC started licking food from my fingers, so I no longer have to force-feed her! She eats small amounts at a time, but she'll eat every hour or so if I offer her food. It's time-consuming, but much better than fighting with her. I really wanted to post a video of her eating from my hands, but she feels that she's not looking her best, and requested that I not.

Speaking of feeling kind of dumpy, today I've been obsessing about my hair. I usually don't do that; I've just resigned myself to trying to love it and knowing that nothing can be done to control it. I've got that really thick, wavy hair that people always ooh and aah over. But it sucks. Really. No fun hairstyles look good with thick, wavy hair and it is frizzier than a witch's tit (shut up...I know I got that wrong...it just came out and I like it and it's my blog).

There's really only a few instances in which I like my hair and those are as follows:

-when I picture myself with someone else's hair
-when it's wet
-when it's under a hat
-when a professional photographer has touched it up in Photoshop.

I'm fairly sure that the rest of the world only likes my hair when it is under a hat or Photoshopped, too. I recently did a little bit of modeling for a clothing company and the only photos they used from the entire shoot were ones in which I'm wearing a hat or where my head has been cropped out of the photo (I'm hoping this has to do with my hair and not my face).

I am considering getting a hair cut, but I'm afraid. I have zero self-control at the salon. I will walk out of there with a haircut that would look great on someone with straight hair, but I will look like Medusa on crack.

Plus, I'm going to be a bridesmaid in a few months and I want my hair long, to go with my princessy bridesmaid's dress:

Isn't it pretty? The bride let me pick any dress in the whole world (within reason)...how awesome is she?

Anyway, I might just work on trying to love my hair. AJ says he likes it best when it's messy and frizzy. I don't think he's lying; he likes a natural woman.


Badass Geek said...

Your cat makes requests?

Mine just makes demands.

for a different kind of girl said...

Glad EC is feeling better!

I have thick hair, too, but it's nowhere near wavy. Just stick straight. I'd add "Hours before I'm scheduled to go get it cut," to that list of when I primarily think mine looks its best, too!